Learn how GroupTweet works by trying the following:

  1. Send a Direct Message to @DemoGroupTweet from your personal Twitter account
  2. Include a mention of @DemoGroupTweet at the beginning or end of a tweet from your personal Twitter account
  3. For contributors without personal Twitter accounts, they simply log in to your GroupTweet dashboard with an email address
  4. After registering as a Twitter contributor - you can send a tweet from your personal Twitter account containing the hashtag trigger #GroupTweetDemo and it will be tweeted from @DemoGroupTweet (you can customize any keyword, hashtag, phrase, or emoji triggers for your own account)
  5. Note: The "via @contributor" signature at the end of each Tweet can be removed completely or customized to your liking
  6. Note: GroupTweet can be configured to Retweet a Contributor's original Tweet if preferred over the "via @contributor" format
  7. Still have questions how GroupTweet can help you manage your Twitter account? Simply email support@grouptweet.com and we will help you!