Learn how GroupTweet works by trying the following:

  1. Send a Direct Message to @DemoGroupTweet from your personal Twitter account
  2. Include a mention of @DemoGroupTweet at the beginning or end of a tweet from your personal Twitter account
  3. For contributors without personal Twitter accounts, they can send Tweets from your GroupTweet dashboard (just like this one), after registering with an email address
  4. After registering as a Twitter contributor - you can send a tweet from your personal Twitter account containing the hashtag trigger #GroupTweetDemo and it will be tweeted from @DemoGroupTweet (you can customize any keyword, hashtag, phrase, or emoji triggers for your own account)
  5. Note: The "via @contributor" signature at the end of each Tweet can be removed completely or customized to your liking
  6. Note: GroupTweet can be configured to Retweet a Contributor's original Tweet if preferred over the "via @contributor" format
  7. Still have questions how GroupTweet can help you manage your Twitter account? Simply email support@grouptweet.com and we will help you!