Using GroupTweet in Haiti: An Easy Group SMS Solution! 1

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In the majority of the world, its free to receive Tweets via text message or “SMS.” However, did you know that in Haiti it is also free to SEND a tweet via SMS?  That’s right in Haiti you can send and receive Tweets via SMS entirely for free!

Maybe you are thinking, who cares, I don’t have anything to Tweet about!

Well think again, because with the power of GroupTweet you can leverage Twitter in ways you never before thought possible. GroupTweet will allow you to create group Twitter accounts which can function as your very own “Group SMS” communication channel. These GroupTweet communication channels can be both public or private.  Group members don’t even need a Twitter account to get started, its as easy as them sending a single text message.

Lets outline some of the practical solutions GroupTweet can provide organizations in Haiti:

  1. I want to send a single text message that is instantly delivered via SMS to 30 of my team members phones.
  2. I want recipients of this message to be able to respond directly to me or even “reply-all” to the rest of the group if appropriate.
  3. I want to segment my team members into different groups so they only receive relevant messages.
  4. I want team members in Haiti to be able to send text messages that are instantly delivered to computers, phones, and tablets anywhere in the world.
  5. I want team members in Washington DC to be able to send a message from their computer or phone that is delivered via text message to every team members phone in Haiti.
  6. I want some groups to be private and others to be public.
  7. I want all my group’s text messages to be archived and available online from anywhere in the world.

You may be thinking that this sounds complicated and like a lot of work to setup. However, GroupTweet requires absolutely no software to be installed and can be up and running within minutes.

Still have questions? Just email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

Want to get started? You can follow the step by step directions for users in Haiti by clicking HERE.  If you are experienced with Twitter and/or GroupTweet, just hop on over to and get started!

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