Twitter Tip: How ESPN and FoxNews Use GroupTweet to Tweet Securely and Efficiently

Thousands of News & Media organizations use GroupTweet to improve their Twitter engagement and efficiency – you should too.

Organizations such as ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FoxNews, FoxSports, and others are using GroupTweet to create more engaging, authentic, and secure Twitter feeds.

Add Multiple Contributors Safely and Securely

No need to share the Twitter password! GroupTweet allows multiple approved contributors to Tweet from your organizations Twitter account without needing to share your company’s Twitter password. As we can see from the @AP Twitter Hack fiasco there are real risks that can result from sharing your password with multiple employees.  Sharing your password with multiple employees increases the chances that one of them can fall victim to a phishing or other hacking scam.  Not to mention the possibility of a disgruntled employee hijacking the company account.

So how does it work?

GroupTweet allows your reporters and journalists to Tweet from the company account simply by adding a hashtag to their Tweets.  No need for them to know your password or even use some other Twitter application or website. In the example below, Jared Halpern, reporter for Fox News Radio, sends the following Tweet from his personal account:

Notice that he included the #fnr hashtag in his Tweet. This tells GroupTweet he wants this message to also be Tweeted from the @FoxNewsRadio account.  As you can see below, the message is instantly Tweeted from the @FoxNewsRadio account and credit is attributed to @JaredHalpern.  Easy as that!

You can now source content from your employees that are already out there Tweeting. Better yet, your social media manager no longer needs to constantly monitor and manually retweet the feeds of all your various journalists.  A huge time saver.

New York Post Using GroupTweet to Share Photos

Including photos in Tweets is a proven way to increase engagement from your followers. In this example, New York Post Deputy Fashion Editor, Anahita Moussavian Tweets a photo from her personal account which GroupTweet picks up and Tweets from the @NYPfashion account.

She included the #poststyle hashtag in the above Tweet triggering the GroupTweet below:

ESPN Using GroupTweet for Real-Time Sports Updates

Delivering up to the minute breaking sports news is a lot of work for one person, that’s why @ESPNmx uses GroupTweet to share the burden across multiple contributors.  Check it out below:

Unlike the two examples above, @ESPNmx chooses to keep the contributor’s name concealed in their GroupTweets, so the message below looks like any normal Tweet:

They could choose to remove the #espn hashtag when its GroupTweeted from the @ESPNmx account, however their settings are configured to leave it in.

Fox4 Kansas City Using Custom Contributor Signatures

Did we mention how flexible GroupTweet is?  @Fox4kc has over 25 of their employees hooked up to GroupTweet. When they Tweet from the company account, they’ve chosen to display the anchors initials:

In this case, ^AE is anchor Abby Eden who you can find here: @AbbyEden.

Why is GroupTweet good for my organization?

Your organization can now benefit from the content your employees are already producing every day.  Your followers will love your GroupTweet enabled account as it is more dynamic and filled with genuine organic content produced by humans, not simply automated links and headlines pushed out by robots.

Why will my employees love using GroupTweet?

Journalists love the amplification and added distribution their Tweets receive when they send a GroupTweet.  They love being able to send Tweets directly from their phones or any other Twitter client they prefer.  No need to juggle signing in and out of multiple accounts.  Simply include the hashtag or @mention the company account!

How can I maintain control over the company account?

GroupTweet can be configured in a number of ways.  We offer Message Moderation and Smart Scheduling features to give you full control over the account.  You could have an editor manually approve each message that comes in from the various contributors and scheduling will spread out your contributor’s Tweets throughout the day.  We also have several other features and options that allow you to  customize how GroupTweets look.

The GroupTweet Solution:

Generating a constant flow of engaging content for your organization’s Twitter account is hard work and takes a lot of time and dedication. A lot of news & media organizations don’t have the resources to pay a full time social media editor to take on this responsibility.  This results in a large number of Twitter feeds that are nothing more than automated tweets that contain the headline and a link to the story.

GroupTweet gives you the best of both worlds. You can leverage the content your employees are already producing and put it to good use by incorporating their Tweets into your company’s Twitter feed.  GroupTweet allows you to do this safely and securely.

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