Twitter Tip: Create Multiple Twitter Accounts With the Same Email Address 38

Have you ever tried to signup for a second Twitter account using an email address that has already been used?  Unfortunately, Twitter tries to tell you that your email is already registered.  Many GroupTweet users run into this problem when trying to register their new Group Twitter Account.  Don’t worry the solution is easy.  The only thing you need is a Gmail address.

All you need to do is to enter “+something” AFTER your Gmail username and BEFORE the “”  Gmail allows you to use “+” signs to create email aliases.  Gmail just ignores anything after the “+” sign and delivers the email directly to your normal Gmail account.  See the picture below:

In this case, I’ve simply added “+grouptweet” to my email and now Twitter says my email is ok!  In this example, Twitter emails sent to craft.ryan+grouptweet[at] will be sent just like normal to my everyday gmail account, craft.ryan[at]

Simple as that!

Hi, I'm , Co-Founder of GroupTweet allows you to add multiple contributors to a single Twitter account - creating a seamless group Twitter experience. Want to learn more? Click here for some examples or reach out via Twitter, you can find me @craft_ryan

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  • Lakeside Techies

    Cool one… it worked like a breeze 😉

    Thanks a ton

  • Ananta Analytics

    Very simple solution to a complex problem! 
    Ryan all luck to you 

  • Sourabh Bajaj

    One more simple solution to this problem is to put an extra dot(.) in your gmail address. Gmail also ignores dots. so it considers,, etc same.

    • Ryan

      Yep, that works too! The one advantage you get by using the + sign is that you can then create filters in your gmail based on the +something you entered in various email forms.

      • JanethDow

        May I use these 100 twitter accounts I created with 1 gmail to make a hashtag trend on Twitter. Will all those accounts be recognized as authentic twitter accounts by other users?

  • Keith

    Would it work for Yahoo Mail? Thanks in advance.

    • Ryan Craft

      No, Yahoo mail doesn’t support this functionality. If you don’t already have a Gmail account, this is a great excuse to sign up for one. They are free :).

  • Kristen P

    Will this work if you need to create a higher number of accounts, like about 50?

    • Ryan Craft

      Yep, there’s no limit. I have 100+ accounts linked to the same email using this method. If you have that many though, an easier method is to simply add a bunch of periods (.) scattered through your email address. Gmail actually ignores periods.

      The reason I recommend the “+alias” method is that it allows you to easily create gmail filters based on that phrase. But if you don’t create filters, I would just add periods.

  • rima

    Hello, does this work for Hotmail?

    • Ryan Craft

      No, it just works for Gmail. One of the many reasons to sign up for a Gmail account! 🙂

  • Henry Stradford

    Cool! Thanks.

  • Xalmey

    I tried the Plus sign but it didn’t workout for me, luckily placing a dot in mid of my username did the trick. Thanks for the Tip 🙂

  • Dan Walter

    doesn’t work at all for me

  • Vipul Behl

    Really nice trick, worked for me

  • Ryan from GroupTweet

    Just login to with your username for each different account. Not your email address.

  • Charming Mel

    Great one dude. This info was really needed. Thanks.

  • Marc Howard

    Ryan–you are a GENIOUS. Many thanks for the tip. You da man.

  • Gary Taaffe

    How do I delete or deactivate those extra accounts if I want to, without it effecting my original account?

  • Simon Charwey

    Oh beautiful! It works like magic.


    how about the phone verification after we creat it ?:)

  • uchechi uformba

    i can’t remember what i put before “ ” . what can i do?

  • callenstewart

    WOW! This will make life a lot easier.

  • Nauman Aslam

    Can I do the multiple tweets at same time from all those accounts

    • Ryan from GroupTweet

      Yes, GroupTweet can help you accomplish this.

  • Reena Jain

    this does not work it ask mobile number verification

    • Ryan from GroupTweet

      You can usually click “skip” which is in small font underneath the button to submit phone number.

      Additionally you can add the same mobile number to multiple accounts.

  • Ram

    Is it allowed as per TOS?

    • Ryan from GroupTweet

      I haven’t had any problems.

      • Ram

        I tried, it works great. but, my account got locked for phone verification immediately i created. after phone verification is done, it got activated. i believe, it may not be related to this email trick.

        • Ryan from GroupTweet

          They’ve been doing that to almost all accounts now (if you don’t add your phone number upon signup). You can add the same phone number to multiple accounts and your account will be unlocked.

  • Fawad khan

    great tricks i love to this site.

  • Ricky Stone

    Hey Ryan, for phone number verification, I use a service like LetMePhone dot com. Works every time.

  • Marilyn J. Miller

    Hi Ryan, My account has a Limit on it now and Twitter has robbed me of Thousands of Followers as well as People I Follow. How do I get around this issue PLEASE? Seeings how you are deffinately the Man, I’m counting on you for sure PLEASE.

  • Tim Glennon

    I’m setting up a group twitter account for my graduate students in the #lucyandjaychazanoff school of business at #CSI and your guidance very much appreciated! Thank you!


    Awesome, thanks.