Free Group Texting via GroupTweet in Haiti: A Step by Step Guide 1

Presumably, you have already read our post on why you need to be using GroupTweet if you are working in Haiti.  If not click HERE. This post will guide you through the easy step by step process on how to start your very own “Group Texting” system with the help of GroupTweet.  Your group will be sending each other FREE text messages in a matter of minutes after reading this tutorial.  You only need internet access to create and activate the GroupTweet account. Once that is done, each user can get started simply by sending a single text message. You can always edit your GroupTweet settings later after testing it out, so its best to just ignore the other options and follow the directions below:

  1. Register a new Twitter account at This will be the “Group Account.” Name it something people can remember and preferably keep it short. Not sure how to have multiple Twitter accounts with the same email? Click HERE.
  2. Visit and activate the new group Twitter account that you just created. You can skip the guided setup and proceed straight to the dashboard.
  3. Click the “Add Contributors” blue button in the left sidebar.  Its easiest to simply check the “Yes” radio button under the question, “Do you want to allow any Twitter user to Tweet from…”  You can always change this later and restrict access only to users you know but for now you probably don’t know everyone’s Twitter username so keeping it “open to all” is the best bet to get started.

Thats it! Now lets have people start texting the group! Here are the steps to get your group members to start texting each other based on the configuration above. These instructions work for any group member using a mobile phone in Haiti or the United States:

  1. Text “follow [yourgroupname]” to 40404. For demonstration purposes, if your GroupTweet account was named  “@RCleogane” each group member would text, “follow RCleogane” to 40404. If they only want to receive messages, then they are done!
  2. If you want to be able to send text messages to the group, simply respond and send the text, “Start” to 40404.
  3. Next just follow the instructions received via text message to signup and choose a Twitter username – See below for username tips.
  4. Once you have your username just send a text to 40404 starting with @yourgroupname and followed by your message.  So to send a message to the “@RCleogane” group members would simply text, “@RCleogane this is my message, hi group!” to 40404.  This message would then be delivered to everyone in the group!

Tips and Advice:

  1. Choosing username – It often helps to standardize the naming conventions people sign up with, so that you will be able to easily identify their messages. Using an abbreviated prefix along with first letter/last name combinations usually works well. Using the above example, Sara Wolf working for the Red Cross would use @RCswolf when choosing her Twitter username.
  2. To see the people that are following you, you can log into your GroupTweet account at
  3. If you desire private communication you need to change the GroupTweet enabled Twitter account’s privacy settings.  See HERE for info.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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