Roundteam Alternative: Use GroupTweet to Automatically Retweet Hashtags, Keywords, Phrases, or Emojis 2

Were you previously using Roundteam to publish automatic retweets based on hashtags or keywords? Are you now looking for a Roundteam alternative due to the increase in Roundteam prices?

If yes, you will want to continue reading!

GroupTweet has been around long before Roundteam. We pride ourselves on our quick customer service and support. We are happy to have you try out our platform to get your automated retweets back up and running again. Additionally, we are happy to offer 15% off Roundteam pricing to anyone reading this blog post. Just email with the Twitter username you wish to use with GroupTweet and we will get you setup.

How to use GroupTweet to setup automated retweets. A better Roundteam alternative:

You can setup your auto retweets based on either of the two following scenarios:

  1. Automatically retweet a specific list of Twitter users when they send a Tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers.
  2. Automatically retweet any user your account is following when they send a Tweet containing any of your defined hashtags, keywords, phrases, or emoji triggers. This is helpful when you have too many potential contributors to list.

GroupTweet can be used in a number of different ways. For example, we don’t just offer auto retweeting. With GroupTweet, you can allow approved contributors to visit your GroupTweet dashboard and send Tweets from there, as well as reply to any incoming @mentions, search for other Tweets to retweet or reply to, and follow other Twitter users for you.

However if you are just looking to setup auto retweet type functionality then follow the step by step guide below. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to email or initiate a chat session in the lower right hand corner of

Step by Step Guide to Setting Up GroupTweet Auto Retweet Functionality

Step 1: Connect the Twitter Account with GroupTweet

Visit Here you will want to connect the Twitter account that you wish to be the one doing the retweeting.

Step 2: Add your email and then click button to proceed to Settings

2018-06-19 15 16

Step 3: Add the Twitter Accounts You Wish To Retweet

You are now on the “Retweet Accounts” menu of GroupTweet settings. In the example below, the @AutoRetweetDemo account wishes to auto Retweet both @Jack and @espn. You can add as many Twitter users as you wish. If you would like to have your Twitter account retweet anyone that your account is FOLLOWING, simply send us an email to have us enable this on your account. This way you don’t have to list each retweet account individually.

2018-06-19 12 07

Step 4: Choose Your Retweet Triggers

After adding your Retweet Accounts, you need to navigate to the “Retweet Triggers” menu of GroupTweet settings so you can define which triggers you wish to result in a Retweet from your account.

As you can see below, you can configure your GroupTweet settings to that your account publishes a Retweet anytime one of your Retweet accounts sends a Tweet containing a hashtag, keyword, phrase, emoji, or @mention of your account. Additionally, if you wish to use the old school “RT @user” format, then you can also convert incoming DM’s into Retweets.

In the example below, you can see I’ve kept the Hashtag/Keyword trigger method enabled and added 5 triggers.  This means that if any of my listed “Retweet Accounts” sends a Tweet containing any of these triggers, that Tweet will get Retweeted by my account.

2018-06-19 15 21

Step 5: Additional Retweet Triggers Are Optional

Most users simply use the hashtag or keyword triggers to prompt their Retweets. Additionally, you can also enable it so that your account retweets based on @mention or DM triggers. Additionally, you can configure your account to publish a Retweet anytime anyone on Twitter sends a Tweet containing an @mention of your account. You need to email us to enable this option.

Bonus Tips – Tweet Approval & Scheduling & Custom Tweet Formats

Want even more control of your auto Retweets? Enable GroupTweet’s Tweet approval functionality. If enabled, you will receive an email whenever a Retweet is about to be published. You can quickly and easily click the approve link right in your email if you wish for the Retweet to be published from your account.

GroupTweet’s scheduling functionality allows you to limit the hours in which your account will publish retweets as well as set daily limits on the total amount of retweets published so that you won’t annoy your followers with too many retweets in a short period of time.

GroupTweet’s custom Tweet formats allow you to customize exactly how your Tweets look. For example, instead of issuing a regular Twitter retweet, you can choose to republish the content’s of a contributors Tweet and append their username at the end. Something like “here is a tweet via @contributor”.  Additionally, if you wish to keep the contributor’s names hidden, so that their Tweets look like normal Tweets from your account, you can choose the GroupTweet Tweet Format that is labeled “message only”. Configure Custom Tweet formats under the “Retweet Format” menu of GroupTweet settings.

As always – if you need any help or guidance just email GroupTweet can be used and configured in a number of ways, so if you have a unique use case or requirement chances are we can help. Just let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we can let you know if GroupTweet can help you out. If not, we can recommend a different Twitter tool that will do the job.


How quickly are retweets processed? 

GroupTweet processes retweets instantly! If you want retweets to be delayed or only sent during certain hours, you can easily configure this under GroupTweet scheduling settings.

Are there any limits?

There are no set GroupTweet limits. Twitter enforces their own limits as you can see here.

Does it break any rules?

Read Twitter’s automation rules. The rules regarding automated Retweets state: “Provided you comply with all other rules, you may Retweet or Quote Tweet in an automated manner for entertainment, informational, or novelty purposes. Automated Retweets often lead to negative user experiences, and bulk, aggressive, or spammy Retweeting is a violation of the Twitter Rules.”

Twitter recently provided more guidance as follows:

“As an alternative to posting identical content, you can Retweet content from one account from the other accounts you wish to share that post from. This should only be done from a small number of distinct accounts that you directly control. Please note that bulk, aggressive, or very high-volume automated Retweeting is not permitted under the Automation Rules, and may be subject to enforcement actions.”

Any accounts that perform aggressive or very high volume Retweeting with GroupTweet will have their auto retweet service paused.

How much does it cost?

GroupTweet’s auto Retweet pricing can be found here: Prices range from $9.99/month to $24.99/month for an unlimited account. Find a lower price from Roundteam or elsewhere? Email us and we will beat it.

Can I try it out for free?

Of course! We offer a free 7 day trial. No credit card required.

My use case is slightly different. I’m not sure if GroupTweet can accomplish what I’m looking for?

No problem! Just send me an email,, and I can help you out. Alternatively, you can visit and start an instant chat request (lower right hand corner) during normal business hours. Or schedule a time to chat on the phone as well here.

How can I setup GroupTweet to work with multiple accounts?

Just logout and follow the same directions with a new account. You will want to add your personal email as an “admin contributor” under GroupTweet settings. This enables you to login to with that email address in the future, and you will be able to manage all of your various accounts under a single login.

We do offer discounted pricing if you activate more than 2 accounts with GroupTweet. Email us at for more info.

How else can I use GroupTweet?

GroupTweet does much more than just help you auto retweet other Twitter accounts. With GroupTweet, you can allow approved contributors to visit your GroupTweet dashboard and send Tweets from there, as well as reply to any incoming @mentions, search for other Tweets to retweet or reply to, and follow other Twitter users for you. Check out other examples here.

Ready to get started?

Visit and connect the Twitter account that will be doing the retweeting.

Hi, I'm , Co-Founder of GroupTweet allows you to add multiple contributors to a single Twitter account - creating a seamless group Twitter experience. Want to learn more? Click here for some examples or reach out via Twitter, you can find me @craft_ryan

  • jerrie_mixers

    Hi Ryan, i tried it and it shows that its retweeting but why the retweets are not showing on my actual account on my app?

    • Jenny Wright

      Email with your account info so we can investigate. If its retweeting, likely you have notifications blocked or disabled or something. No idea which account you are using with GroupTweet.