New Feature Spotlight: GroupTweet Now Supports Keyword and Emoji Triggers

Previously, there has been four ways for your contributors to send a Tweet from a GroupTweet enabled account:

  1. Dashboard GroupTweeting: Contributors send a Tweet from your GroupTweet Dashboard.
  2. @Mention GroupTweeting: Contributors include an @Mention of your Twitter username in a Tweet from their personal Twitter account.  GroupTweet will republish or retweet your contributors’ Tweet from the group or company account for all your followers to see.
  3. DM GroupTweeting: Contributors send a Twitter Direct Message or “DM” from their personal Twitter account to the GroupTweet enabled account. It would then be converted into a Tweet from the GroupTweet enabled account.  This is great for private group communication or when your contributors only want the Tweets to appear as coming from the group or company account.
  4. Hashtag GroupTweeting: Contributors include hashtag(s) of your choice in their Tweets from their personal Twitter accounts. GroupTweet will republish or retweet your contributors’ hashtagged Tweets from the group or company account for all your followers to see.

The Hashtag GroupTweeting Method has now been vastly improved!

Instead of requiring your contributors to include a specific hashtag trigger in their Tweets, now GroupTweet supports ANY keyword, phrase, or even emoji triggers!  The opportunities are endless. GroupTweet supports pretty much any combination of text and/or emoji. Even Twitter “cashtags” used for stock trading discussion like $FB will work.

Now you can really make it easy on your contributors. Let’s walk through a few examples:

Example #1 – The Sports Media Account

Let’s say your Twitter account covers Notre Dame Football. You want your Twitter account to republish or retweet all the great content that your approved contributors are already out there Tweeting. Previously, you were limited to using hashtag triggers or @Mention GroupTweeting. In the past, you might have added hashtag triggers like #NotreDame, #ND, or even #Irish.

However some of your contributors might not be using these hashtags in their Tweets on a regular basis.

Now you can configure your GroupTweet settings to include simple keyword triggers like “Notre Dame”, “ND”, “Go Irish”, “Brian Kelly”, or even the shamrock emoji ☘️. Now anytime one of your authorized contributors sends a Tweet from their personal account including the keyword phrase “Notre Dame”, it will automatically be republished or retweeted from your Notre Dame Football Twitter account.

You might think emoji triggers are silly, but when you take into consideration that Twitter limits your contributor Tweets to 140 characters, then using an emoji trigger, is very helpful! An emoji only counts as 1 character, so your contributors won’t have to worry about their GroupTweet trigger taking up too much of their 140 character limit.

Example #2 – The Classroom Account

Lots of classrooms use GroupTweet. Oftentimes they use a class hashtag trigger or the @Mention functionality.

Oftentimes students get frustrated because they have a hard time fitting their thoughts under the 140 character limit. The previous requirement of adding the class hashtag or an @mention of the class account to their tweet, made things even worse. Now they can simply designate one or multiple GroupTweet emoji triggers.

Perhaps something like 📖 (book), or even 💯. Anytime an authorized student contributor adds one of those emoji to their Tweet, that Tweet will automatically get republished or retweeted from the classroom Twitter account for all the rest of the students and teachers to see.

Example #3 Emergency Alert Accounts

GroupTweet is great for emergency notification accounts. GroupTweet allows any number of contributors to help send timely and important updates from an emergency alert type account. Oftentimes, these accounts might not want to use a hashtag as it might distract from the importance of the message. So now these groups can set important contextual keyword triggers like “warning”, “alarm”, “fire”, “evacuate”, etc.

Additionally, they can add an emoji trigger like 🔥, ⚠️, or 🚨. As mentioned above, this is important if a contributor is trying to get an important message out without losing any more than 1 character for the emoji trigger.

Emoji Triggers Are Great for Keeping Tweets Under 140 Characters!

Previously, most of our user’s hashtags were at least 3-5 characters and sometimes didn’t always provide the best context to their followers. Meaning, the hashtag triggers were simply internal codes to trigger the GroupTweet and might be confusing to your followers. Now, GroupTweet users have lots of flexibility as they can add any keyword, emoji, hashtag, or phrase that they want!

Let us know what you think in the comments below or send me your feedback. I can be reached via email at

PS – Another bonus for you GroupTweet users out there counting characters.  We have also made a big improvement on how we handle tweets that are too long after appending the contributors signature. Read more here.

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