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Tweetdeck is a tool designed primarily for Twitter power users. In 2015, Tweetdeck introduced a product called Tweetdeck Teams. Many people were excited as it provided a simple way to for multiple employees or contributors to Tweet from a company or organizational Twitter account without sharing the Twitter password.

Sounds great! However in reality, there are several drawbacks and problems you will notice once you try to use Tweetdeck Teams.

With Tweetdeck Teams Your Team Members Have to Use Tweetdeck

If all your team members are already using Tweetdeck, then this is no problem. However, since Tweetdeck is primarily designed as a Twitter tool for power users, then it might be overwhelming for some of your less experienced team members. If your team members would rather use, Twitter for iPhone or Android, or the simple GroupTweet dashboard, then you will want to check out GroupTweet.

Tweetdeck Teams Does Not Work with Mobile Apps

There is no Tweetdeck app for iPhone. There is no Tweetdeck app for Android. With GroupTweet, your team members can use any Twitter app they prefer. For example, some of your Twitter contributors can use the iPhone Twitter app, while others use the Android Twitter app. No need to have your contributors learn a new app or website.

Tweetdeck Teams Has No Tweet Approval Workflow

Do you like the idea of allowing multiple employees or Twitter contributors help send out content from your company or organization’s Twitter account? Yet, you still want to have full oversight and control over what actually gets posted from the company Twitter account?

Wouldn’t it be great if an admin or group of admins could quickly review team member Tweets before they are posted?

If you are indeed looking for a way to moderate and approve your team members Tweets before they are published live from your company account, you will love GroupTweet’s built in Tweet Approval system. With GroupTweet, you simply enter your email address under the Tweet approval settings. You will then get an email every time one of your team members Tweets is awaiting approval. Straight from your email, you can click approve, deny, or edit. No need to login to a dashboard or be in front of your computer. With GroupTweet it is super easy to approve Tweets before they are posted straight from your phone while on the go.

Its Impossible to Track Team Members Tweets with Tweetdeck Teams

If you want the ability to know which team members sent various Tweets from your company Twitter account, then Tweetdeck teams is not what you are looking for. GroupTweet provides a full audit trail and summary of all your team member’s Tweets. So you will always know who sent each Tweet as well as which team members are actually producing content.

Tweetdeck Teams Does Not Provide Team Member or Contributor Analytics

Similar to above, with Tweetdeck Teams, its impossible to measure team member performance, participation and effectiveness. GroupTweet has built in analytics reporting which allows you to quickly identify which team members are performing best.

Tweetdeck Teams Gives All Team Members Full Access To Your DM History

If you give access to your company or organizational account, then all team members will have full access to all your Direct Message history and be able to send and read new DM’s going forward. Of course, this might be desired, however some people aren’t aware of this!

Ok, You Have Me Interested, How Does GroupTweet Work Exactly?

With GroupTweet, your team members or employees can send Tweets from your company account four different ways. You can enable any combination of the following four methods:

Method #1 – GroupTweet Dashboard: 

The GroupTweet dashboard is fully optimized for both mobile use. Your team members can save your dashboard link to their iPhone or Android homescreen just like any other app using the guide here. Your team members can sign into the GroupTweet dashboard with either their personal Twitter accounts or any email address.

Remote GroupTweeting via Any Twitter App

The following three Tweeting methods below work for team members that have personal Twitter accounts.  With this method, team members can send Tweets from your coompany account using any Twitter app they prefer (ie, iPhone, Android, etc). No need for them to manage multiple logins, switch between Twitter accounts, or even register with GroupTweet.

Method #2 – @Mention GroupTweeting 

Team members can simply include an @mention of your company Twitter account in their Tweet. GroupTweet listens for @mentions from authorized team members and republishes them as Tweets from the company Twitter account.

Method #3 – Hashtag, Keyword, or Emoji Triggers

You define any number of company hashtags, keywords, or emoji “triggers” under your GroupTweet settings. Anytime an authorized team member sends a Tweet containing any of these triggers, GroupTweet will republish their Tweet from the company account.

Method #4 – Direct Message GroupTweeting

Perhaps your team members don’t want their company Tweets being being seen on their personal Twitter account. They might want their “company” Tweets to only appear as coming from the company account. If this is the case, they can use the Direct Message method. They simply send a Twitter direct message to the company account. GroupTweet will listen for incoming DM’s from authorized team members and convert them into Tweets sent out from the company account.

Endless GroupTweet Customization

Do you want your Tweets from your company account to identify the contributor that sent them? GroupTweet offers this functionality. Of course, if you prefer, you can make team member’s Tweets look just like any other Tweet from your company account.

Retweet instead of Republish?

Would you rather your company account automatically retweet your team members when they send a Tweet containing your company hashtag or @mention? You can do that too! Or you can republish their Tweets as mentioned above so they look like normal Tweets from your company account.

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