Keep Parents Happy! Deliver Consistent Real-Time Updates From Your Sports Team Twitter Account with GroupTweet

Don’t worry – it won’t take up any more of your time!

Twitter is the perfect platform for delivering real-time updates to fans and followers. You might have already dreamed of how cool it would be if your own team could have a constantly updated Twitter feed keeping parents, grandparents, players, and fans in the loop on whether you won last weekend’s tournament, what the halftime score is of your championship game, or if practice is now cancelled due to rain. But then after creating a Twitter account for your Team, you realize it’s a lot of work to send out regular updates from the Twitter account! You then start to think…who has time for that?! Our team doesn’t have it’s own full-time social media manager!

GroupTweet makes it easy – Allow multiple coaches & parents to help!

GroupTweet allows you to let any number of authorized coaches, parents, players, or fans to help send out real-time Tweets from your sports team’s Twitter account. No longer does one person (usually an overworked coach or team manager) have to take on the task of scoreboarding, sending out important schedule updates, sharing victory photos, etc. GroupTweet allows you to leverage the help of any number of parents or fans!

Keep parents happy – keep them informed wherever they may be!

A team Twitter account that is constantly updated with real-time Tweets is a parent and player’s dream. Parent’s can’t make a game? No problem, just have your 20 contributors continue sending out GroupTweets and everyone is happy. Following your kid’s team twitter account from the office or airport is the second best thing to being on the sideline yourself. No need to keep pestering your spouse for text updates. Simply check the team Twitter account to experience the real-time action of the game no matter where you are. Parents can configure their notification settings just how each of them prefers.

Kids love it too!

Just think how cool it will be for your players to see their successes and accomplishments celebrated on Twitter for all their friends and family to see?!

Keep track of who sent which Tweets

With GroupTweet you can easily keep track of which contributors sent each Tweet from the team account. In the example above, you can see that GroupTweet appends the “via @username” at the end of the Tweet to show who sent this particular Tweet. You can customize this format or even remove the contributor signature altogether. Even if you remove contributor signatures, your group admin can still know who sent each Tweet by looking at your GroupTweet settings dashboard.

No new apps to download! Super simple to use!

This means your team, parents, and fans will actually use this software!

There are all sorts of tools out there that claim to help your team facilitate communication. However you are probably aware its hard to convince people to download a new app for every new team or season. With GroupTweet, your approved contributors can Tweet from your team’s Twitter account using their own personal Twitter accounts and any Twitter app they prefer, whether that is Twitter for iPhone, Android, or If some of your parents don’t have Twitter accounts already they can always send/receive messages from your team’s mobile optimized GroupTweet website or even subscribe to text alerts by simply sending a single text message.

This all sounds great, but how does it actually work??

When an authorized contributor wants to send a Tweet from your team’s account, he or she can do any of the following (feel free to test using our demo account @u15Arsenal02):

  1. Send a Tweet to your team’s Twitter account from their personal account. Something like “@U15Arsenal02 What a great assist by Bobby! Game is all tied 2-2. Let’s go!”
  2. Send a Twitter Direct Message (“DM”) to your team’s Twitter account. This is great when the contributor doesn’t want their child’s soccer Tweets going out to all the rest of their followers. These DMs will only get sent out from the team Twitter account.
  3. Send a Tweet containing your team’s hashtag. Something like “What a great weekend. We won back to back state championships! #Arsenal.”
  4. Lastly, for parents/contributors without personal Twitter accounts: They can simply visit your team’s mobile optimized GroupTweet website and send their Tweets from there.

Go ahead and check our full step by step guide for allowing any number of contributors to Tweet from your team’s Twitter account here. You can also email me,, with any questions you may have! I’m happy to help. We offer discounted pricing for youth sport team accounts capping our price at $7.99/month for unlimited contributors.


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