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How to Create Your Own Permanent GroupTweet Group DM Account

This post will show you how to create your own private GroupTweet Group DM account (“Direct Message”) that you can use to privately communicate with any number of your friends, co-workers, colleagues, etc on a regular basis. Think of it as your own private Twitter based message board. If you are wondering why you would want a more permanent Private Group Twitter account compared to simply using Twitter’s native Group DM feature, this post outlines all the advantages to using GroupTweet.

It’s all made possible by our nifty application, Once you configure your GroupTweet settings, you simply send a single DM from your personal Twitter account and it will be delivered privately to any number of people you allow in your group.

Imagine the ability to share private photos, videos, and messages with your family members, close friends, co-workers, classmates and others all without ever leaving the Twitter application that you use everyday. No need to switch to group texting, Instagram, Snapchat, Slack, or annoying reply all e-mails.

TL;DR: Not one for step by step instructions?

You can quickly test this out, using a GroupTweet demo account. Simply request to follow @MyGroupDM on Twitter. Once we follow you back you can send a DM to @MyGroupDM and you will see it is instantly and privately delivered to all the other approved followers (members) of that group account.

Enough chit-chat, let’s walk you through the steps below, so you can get this up and running with your own private Group DM account:

Step 1: Create a new private Twitter account for your group:

Don’t worry, once this is setup the first time, you will not have to switch between multiple accounts. Continue reading and you’ll see how easy it is to send and receive Group DM’s on Twitter.

First, you need to logout of if you are already logged in. Then visit and create your group. Something like this:

Image 109

If you get a message that your email is already registered, use this tip outlined here.

Once GroupTweet is setup, you simply stay logged in to your personal account. You will be able to add and remove group DM members as you see fit. You can also create any number of different group accounts if you consistently find yourself wanting to Group DM different groups of people on Twitter.

Step 2: Make your newly created Twitter account private:

Navigate to the settings menu at

Image 126

Then click on the “Security & Privacy” menu as shown here:

Image 124

Then select the “Protect My Tweets” checkbox and scroll down to save settings:

Image 131

Step 3: Activate your account with GroupTweet:

Navigate to the GroupTweet getting started page, and click the “Connect with Twitter” button:

Image 127

Sign in with your newly created Group Twitter account to authorize the GroupTweet application.

Step 4: Configure your GroupTweet settings for Group DM functionality:

After connecting your account with GroupTweet, you will be taken to the GroupTweet dashboard. Click on the “Remote GroupTweeting” link:

Image 131

For the purposes of a “Group DM” account, you will want to disable @Mention GroupTweeting, and enable DM GroupTweeting. Then click “Save Settings” button:

Image 113

You will be taken back to the “Contributors” tab of the GroupTweet settings. Here you will list the Twitter usernames of the people you want to be part of your Group DM. Make sure to add your own personal Twitter username. When finished adding contributors, click the “Save Settings” button.

If you don’t know everyone’s Twitter username or have too many people to list, you can simply click the “share invite link” button and then send your unique GroupTweet invite link to anyone you want to be a part of your group. They can quickly join by simply clicking the invite link and then signing in with their own personal Twitter username.

Image 119

Step 5: That’s it – Try it out!

Pull out the Twitter app on your mobile phone and send a DM from your personal Twitter account (the one you added to the GroupTweet contributor list) to your group account:


Instantly, the Tweet is privately sent out from the group account. As you can see below, GroupTweet automatically adds the sender’s username at the end of the Tweet so that Group Members know who sent each message. You can change this under the GroupTweet settings so that names can be at the beginning of the message, or you can even use group members initials or just first names (to save characters) instead of linking to their full Twitter username.

Image 123

As for the other group members, simply instruct them to send a Direct Message to the group account. If you listed their Twitter username, they don’t have to register or manually join the group. Contributors can send the DM from any Twitter application they prefer:, Twitter for iPhone, Tweetbot, etc.

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Want to make sure you don’t miss any of your private group messages?

No problem! You can choose to receive a push notification every time someone in your group sends a group DM! For Android, simply turn on mobile notifications for your Group Account by clicking on the star icon on your group account profile page:


For iOS you need to click the gear icon on the account’s profile page:


Then click “Turn on Notifications” in the popup menu. You also need to make sure you don’t have Twitter notifications blocked in your notification center in the iPhone main settings menu.



Tip 2: Remember, because your group Twitter account is private, you will need to manually approve each follower request at

Image 120

If you plan on having a lot of group members, we suggest telling your group members to follow the account, and then approving all your follower requests at once. Or you can even wait and make your Twitter account private after your group members follow the new soon to be private account.

Tip 3: Qualify for Free GroupTweet usage with no ads!

For a limited time, we are offering 3 months of free ad-free GroupTweet use for users that read this post and use GroupTweet in a manner consistent with the “Private Group DM” use case outlined in this post. Just email after you setup your account.  After 3 months, you can continue to use GroupTweet for free if you don’t mind an occasional promoted Tweet.  If you prefer no promotional Tweets you can upgrade to an ad-free plan starting at only $7.99/month.

Tip 4: Want to test this whole thing out without having to create your own GroupTweet account?

Just go ahead and submit a Twitter follow request for @MyGroupDM.  Once we approve you and follow you back, you will be able to send test Group DM tweets from that account. Easy as that!

Any Questions About Your New Private Twitter Group?

We would love to answer any questions or comments you might have. GroupTweet is a powerful platform that can be configured and used in a number of different ways, so we are happy to help. Simply email or leave a comment below!

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