Build school spirit and community engagement by auto retweeting your teachers Tweets containing your school hashtag

Lots of schools have a Twitter account. However, many administrators and principals quickly realize that its hard work to constantly keep the school Twitter account up to date with current and relevant information.

What if I told you there was a simple way to keep your school Twitter account up to date? If you try out GroupTweet’s auto retweet functionality, your school account will start pushing out content consistently and reliably with little to no extra effort required by any of your administrators or staff.

If your teachers and staff are already Tweeting from their personal accounts using your school’s hashtag, then you will definitely want to try out GroupTweet’s auto retweet functionality.

Let me walk you through how it works using a real life example of one of our users.

Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School is located in Arlington, Virginia and has been a happy GroupTweet user for years. They simply activated their @BarrettAPS school Twitter account with GroupTweet and configured their settings as follows:

  1. They have added over 100 teachers and staff members as “approved” Twitter users that they want to retweet.
  2. They retweet these 100+ staff members anytime one of them sends a Tweet from their personal account containing the school hashtag #KWBpride

Keep in mind, that GroupTweet’s auto retweet functionality only retweets specific people you want to retweet. It won’t retweet any random user if they send a Tweet with your hashtag.

Want to Quickly Review Tweets Before The School Account Retweets Them?

No problem. If you want to review your teacher’s Tweets before they are retweeted from the school account, you can easily enable this option in GroupTweet settings. You will receive an email whenever a teacher’s Tweet is awaiting approval to be Retweeted, and you can quickly click approve or deny right in the email. Much more efficient then having to scroll through Twitter all the time trying to find your teacher’s Tweets to retweet.

Flexible Options

Perhaps your teachers are used to sending Tweets and instead of adding the school hashtag, they include an @mention of your school account? If so, you can configure GroupTweet to auto retweet those Tweets as well! No need to force your teachers to change their behavior. GroupTweet makes it easy on everyone.

A dynamic Twitter feed like @BarrettAPS improves school spirit and engagement by easily allowing teachers to share photos, videos and thoughts with parents and students

Just take a look at this timeline ->  Its magical. The @BarretAPS timeline is full of engaging photos and videos. Parents will love getting a real-time glimpse inside their children’s school and classroom.

Better yet, GroupTweet’s auto retweet functionality makes it super easy for your teachers to share these photos and videos. The teachers no longer need to email photos or videos back and forth to the principal or school social media coordinator. They quickly snap the photo on their own phones and compose the Tweet using their own personal Twitter account. The only thing they have to remember is to add the school hashtag to their Tweet!

Simple and Secure School Twitter Solution

With GroupTweet, your school Twitter account stays secure. No need to share the Twitter password with dozens of staff members. You will always know who has access and who sent each Tweet or Retweet from the school account.

Ready to Test it Out?

Go ahead and connect your school’s Twitter account here: If you want a step by step guide on how to setup the auto retweet functionality, then check out this blog post:

Have any more questions?

Feel free to email me personally, and I can answer any questions you may have.  Additionally, you can schedule a time to chat on the phone by clicking this link:

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