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In February, I did an interview with Lauren Dugan, a writer at She published a great review that you can read HERE. Her article was very thorough so I’m going to pull out some of the highlights for you all.

Of course, you can enable multiple contributors on a variety of other Twitter applications, including HootSuite and CoTweet (which is to become a fully paid platform this week). But what sets GroupTweet apart is its flexibility: instead of forcing your entire team to start using a single dashboard like HootSuite (and paying up to $15 per team member per month), it works from within any Twitter dashboard you choose to use.

So, for instance, one team member could use to pen her tweets and another could use HootSuite, while yet another uses TweetDeck on his iPhone – and they can all send tweets from the same Twitter account.

Lauren then goes onto explain the step by step process on how you might want to setup and configure your GroupTweet account:

After signing up, you’ll be asked to define who can tweet from your account. You can either create a totally crowdsourced account and allow anyone to tweet, or specify the Twitter usernames of your team members.

Next, you choose how to send tweets from your group account. You have three options, of which you can choose one, two or all three:

  1. A hashtag that is custom designed for your account
  2. @mentioning the group account
  3. direct messaging the account

So, for example, if you choose all three options, your contributors can send a tweet to the group account by publicly tweeting from their own account and including a hashtag, by including the @mention username of the group account in their tweet, or by sending a direct message to the group account.

Next, you can set up how your tweets appear when they are sent from a contributor. You can choose from a variety of options, such as only tweeting the message, including “via @contributor” at the end of the tweet, or defining a custom template.

And that’s all there is to it! Your contributors can now send tweets to your group account using the method you specified.

If you have any other questions on how GroupTweet might work for your group or organization, feel free to email for more information!


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