Auto Retweet Instructions

Your Auto Retweet account is seconds away!

1) Connect the Twitter account with GroupTweet that you wish to be doing the Retweeting. Learn More

Connect with Twitter

2) With GroupTweet, you can configure your Twitter account to publish auto Retweets anytime specific Twitter users you choose send a Tweet containing any hashtags, keywords, or emoji you have listed in GroupTweet settings. Additionally, you can choose to auto Retweet specific Twitter users when they send a Tweet @mentioning your account. Learn More

3) You can enable Retweet approval under GroupTweet settings so you can test out GroupTweet's auto Retweet functionality without worrying any accidental Retweets will be published live from your account. If Retweet review is enabled, Retweets will be held in a moderation queue and only published after you click approve via your email or the GroupTweet dashboard.

As always, contact if you have any questions. If you want immediate assistance, simply initiate a chat request in the bottom right corner of our website.