Examples of people using GroupTweet Everyday:

Schools & Teachers

I love your service... I use it as a homework help line for my high school math students. They all follow and are contributors to the class account. When they have a question, they tweet at the class account and everyone gets it. It makes it so everyone doesn't have to follow everyone else, just the class account.

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News & Media Organizations

I work at Fox Sports. We are trying to link our talent with our team websites and Twitter accounts. GroupTweet is perfect. You should email a bunch of news and media organizations.

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Sports Teams

GroupTweet has been a huge hit with our team. We are a boys ice hockey team in Ontario, Canada. Instead of various parents on the team using their own messaging tool to update their personal contacts, we can have a several parents help tweet the game to all our followers. It’s simple and works great!

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School Principals

I was never able to talk teachers into writing articles or blog posts for the school website. However, its easy to convince them to publish Tweets every now and then. With the help of GroupTweet, we can now keep our school's website content fresh and our followers up to date with relevant and timely content.

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Gov Agencies

It is absolutely perfect for police and other government agencies. We had been holding back on using Twitter more extensively because I did not want a shared set of credentials. Group Tweet immediately resolves that issue for me.

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Small Business Owners

We don’t have the budget to hire a full time social media coordinator, so I rely on all 5 of my employees to all pitch in. It works great plus it allows our followers to get to know the people behind our business.

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Social Media Coordinators

Your voice on Twitter needs to be authentic. I can help my clients with their Twitter strategy, but allowing them and their employees to help contribute content is key. The best part is that this tool is so easy to use and works with any Twitter app out there, so no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Sales Managers

GroupTweet is great for private group communication. No more endless reply all emails. Short brief updates keep our distributed sales team up to date and on the same page. Messages are accessible through any Twitter application, so it's extremely flexible.

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Emergency Alert Networks

I run a community feed on FB & Twitter for the sole purpose of tracking wildfires in Colorado. GroupTweet is perfect for us because now we can have the Public Info Officers, Sherrifs, Fire Departments, etc from around the state have the option to spread info through our feed.

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Int'l Communications Officers

We used to spend around $1,000 a month to send text messages to our members across Africa. With GroupTweet, it costs $40 which allows us to send an unlimited number of free text messages. Additionally the platform allows us to manage and backup our communications across a number of different platforms.

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Meetup & Event Groups

GroupTweet is the only product that allows simple, occasional tweeting from a large group of contributors, without charging a huge fee per user and requiring some ridiculous bloated software for a simple task. We're using it to allow the various organisers and curators of Product Tank events around the world to tweet about their events, without giving them full access to the Twitter account.

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GroupTweet is definitely helping us improve the quality of our tweets. We’re an art museum and we want our visitor guides to capture spontaneous photos and moments in and around our galleries. However, our guides Tweet quality has been variable so being able to moderate Tweets through GroupTweet is super helpful.

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