GroupTweet: The Easiest Way to Setup Auto Retweet Functionality on Twitter

Configure your Twitter account to automatically Retweet other Twitter accounts based on Hashtag, Keyword, @Mention, or Emoji Triggers

Twitter Content Solution

Consistently Tweeting engaging content is hard work for one individual. GroupTweet's auto Retweet functionality allows you to share relevant and timely information with your followers on a regular basis. Set it and forget it.

Leverage Employee Content

Do you manually Retweet your employees relevant Tweets? Use GroupTweet to automate this workflow so you can be more productive with your social media activities. No need to constantly retweet the same employees over and over again.

Engage Potential Customers

Automatically Retweet potential customers based on keywords or hashtags common to your industry. Users will notice your engagement and check out your account or website. Set your daily max Retweet limit to avoid too many RTs.

Unlimited Retweet Triggers

Add as many hasthag, keyword, or emoji triggers as you want. GroupTweet makes it easy to only Retweet relevant content. Engage, don't annoy, potential customers by Retweeting only their relevant content. Retweet approval workflow is available.

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Why to choose us

Like the idea of automating Retweets of certain Twitter users, but still want full control over the content and timing of what gets Retweeted from your account? GroupTweet's built in Retweet approval allows you to approve potential Retweets with one click from your email before they are Retweeted out to the public.

GroupTweet's smart scheduling functionality allows you to define your Retweeting hours and spread your Retweets out throughout optimal times of the day. This prevents your followers from being overwhelmed by too many Retweets in a short period of time. You can also set your max number of Retweets per day.

Have full control over how your GroupTweets appear. You can have Retweets appear like normal Twitter Retweets or you can use the old school "RT @User: Message" type format or perhaps you prefer the "Message via @user" format. Additionally, you can append any additional hashtags to the end of each Retweet your account publishes.

GroupTweet allows you to quickly see which Twitter users you are Retweeting, how often, and when. Quickly view GroupTweet generated reports or download your data and run your own analysis.

Maintain full control of your Retweet data. Download all your Retweets at any time for analysis or full data archiving!

Designating multiple GroupTweet keyword, hashtag, or emoji triggers makes it easier to generate relevant Retweets from your account.

Demo basic GroupTweet functions below in less than 60 seconds - No signup required!

Keyword or Hashtag Retweeting

You define any number of keywords, hashtag, or emoji "triggers" under your GroupTweet settings. When one of your listed Retweet accounts sends a Tweet with any of those keywords or hashtags, GroupTweet will publish the Retweet.

@WinnipegNews (Winnipeg Free Press) is using GroupTweet to auto Retweet over 60 of their reporters. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, anytime an approved Winnipeg Free Press reporter (like @_jessbu) sends a Tweet containing the company hashtag #wfp, it results in an immediate Retweet by the @WinnipegNews account.

No need for @WinnipegNews' social media editors to constantly monitor all of their reporters Tweets. GroupTweet publishes these Retweets instantly, so the social media editors can focus on more productive tasks, without worry breaking news won't be shared quickly and efficiently from the company account.

@Mention GroupTweeting

Click here to test GroupTweet Auto Retweet by sending an @mention to @AutoRetweetDemo

@FoxSportsNews uses GroupTweet to automatically retweet over 35 of their reporters whenever each reporter sends a Tweet containing an @Mention of @FoxSportsNews.

For many companies and organizations, this auto Retweet method is perfect, as it requires literally zero changed behavior from your employees since they often already tag your company account with an @mention when they want you to share their Tweet. You can configure your GroupTweet settings to publish Retweets immediately without review or enable GroupTweet's built in Retweet approval workflow.

GroupTweet's Retweet approval system is a great way to streamline your daily tasks. No need to constantly hunt through all your @mentions to manually retweet a few employees over and over again. With GroupTweet, you can receive an email whenever an employee's Tweet is awaiting Retweet approval. Approve with a single click right in your email or from the GroupTweet dashboard.

Engage Potential Customers

Retweeting relevant content from your account is a great way to build engagement and followers on Twitter

GroupTweet can engage potential customers on your behalf by Retweeting their Tweets containing your hashtag or keyword triggers. Retweeted users will get an email and a push notification on their phones about this interaction. Out of curiosity they will come to check out your Twitter account, brand, or website.

In the screenshot to the right, you will see the types of notifications users will see when you Retweet them. They get the push notification in the top left and they can easily see your Twitter name and visit your Twitter profile from within the notifications menu in the Twitter app.

Tweet from your GroupTweet Dashboard

More than just Auto Retweet. With GroupTweet, you can allow contributors to help send actual Tweets from your account. Test it now by visiting the @AutoRetweetDemo Dashboard

If your contributors don't have personal Twitter accounts they can always Tweet from your Twitter account by signing in to your GroupTweet dashboard with an email address. Just send them your GroupTweet invite link and be on your way.