GroupTweet: The Easiest Way to Manage A Group Twitter Account

Allow any number of contributors to Tweet from your company, school, team, or group Twitter account using any Twitter app they prefer

No New Apps

GroupTweet works with any Twitter app your contributors are already using. Requires nearly zero changed behavior.

Stop Sharing the Password

Maintain full control of your account and still let others help you Tweet. You can add or remove contributors at any time.

Private or Public

GroupTweet is also great for private group communication via Twitter. Twitter groups are great email alternatives.

Demo basic GroupTweet functions below in less than 60 seconds - No signup required!

Direct Message GroupTweeting

Test it now by sending a Direct Message ("DM") from your personal Twitter account to @DemoGroupTweet.

Your contributors simply send a DM from their personal Twitter accounts to the group account using any Twitter app they prefer. GroupTweet listens for incoming DM's from authorized contributors and converts them into Tweets from the Group account. Great for private group communication or when you want the Tweet to only appear as coming from the group account!

@Mention GroupTweeting

Click here to test and send an @Mention to @DemoGroupTweet

Your contributors simply include an @mention of your group's Twitter username in their Tweet. GroupTweet will convert your contributor's Tweets into Tweets from the group account for all your followers to see.

Hashtag GroupTweeting

Your contributors simply include any of your chosen hashtags in a Tweet. GroupTweet will listen and Tweet those messages from the Group account. Great if your contributors are already using your company or school hashtag in their Tweets. Requires zero changed behavior. To test, you need to first register as a contributor to your group account. Trust us - it works great!

Tweet from your GroupTweet Dashboard

Test it now by visiting the @DemoGroupTweet Dashboard

If your contributors don't have personal Twitter accounts they can always Tweet from your Twitter account by signing in to your GroupTweet dashboard with an email address. Just send them your GroupTweet invite link and be on your way.

Customer testimonials

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GroupTweet Features

Why to choose us

Do you like the idea of having multiple contributors add content to your Twitter account, but still want full control over the content and timing of what gets Tweeted? Message moderation allows you to approve messages with one click from your email before they are Tweeted out to the public

GroupTweet's smart scheduling functionality allows you to define your Tweeting hours and spread contributors Tweets out throughout optimal times of your Tweeting day so your followers aren't overwhelmed with too many Tweets in a short period of time.

Have full control over how your GroupTweets appear. Do you want to display each contributors username, initials, or make it look like your GroupTweets are just regular Tweets without any contributor attribution? GroupTweet's flexible custom Tweet format gives you endless options

GroupTweet allows you to quickly see which of your contributors are participating and which send the most engaging Tweets from your account. Quickly view GroupTweet generated contributor reports or download your data and run your own analysis

Maintain full control of your contributor Tweet data. Download all your contributors Tweets at any time for analysis or full data archiving!

Designating multiple GroupTweet hashtag triggers makes it easier on your contributors by allowing you to use hashtags each contributor is already using. No new habits are necessary. When a contributor's Tweet includes one of your chosen hashtag triggers, that message will be instantly Tweeted from the GroupTweet account

Contributors can GroupTweet in two ways: They can login to your group's private dashboard - great for contributors without personal Twitter accounts! Additionally, contributors with personal Twitter accounts can GroupTweet from any Twitter client and device. Requires little changed behavior from contributors - simply instruct them to include a hashtag in their Tweet or send an @mention or DM to the GroupTweet account!